Your role as a foster carer

Your role as a foster carer will be to work with us as part of a dedicated team helping one or more of the children and young people in our care to feel secure, supported and cared for during a difficult time in their lives.

Providing stability


Many of the children in our care have experienced lots of negativity and pain in their lives which can impact on how they respond to our help.

This is why it is essential that as a foster carer, you will always respond with patience, positivity and support.

Crucially, your role as a foster carer will be to support the children’s family relationships and help them form trusting relationships with adults.

It’s important to note that, as a foster carer you will not have parental responsibility but you will have delegated responsibility for the day-to-day care of the child.

Many of the children in our care are with us on a voluntary basis, with the consent of their parents. In these cases, it’s the parents who have parental responsibility for the child. However, in some cases, if a court has ordered that a child is looked after, we as the Council, will share parental responsibility.


Day to day life


As a foster carer you will also be expected to do some or all of the following parental activities:

  • Buy clothes and other necessities for the child (for which you’ll be paid an allowance to help cover these costs).
  • Attend medical appointments.
  • Assist in finding or supporting education for the child, including accompanying them to school and helping with their homework.
  • Help to facilitate contact with parents and family members.
  • Attend regular meetings  regarding the child’s welfare.
  • Keep records of the child’s progress and any significant developments.
  • Write or contribute to reports for court (if appropriate).
  • Keep in contact with the child’s social worker about anything affecting the child.
  • Assist with life story work for the child to maintain an understanding of their life.
  • Attend support group meetings with other carers.
  • Attend compulsory and specific training sessions.
  • Be available for supervision with your fostering social worker.

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