What is Fostering?

Thinking of fostering? Think Cardiff Council!

Fostering is a broad term used to describe a diverse and varied field.

There are many reasons children need to be fostered. From parents being unwell to relationship breakdowns, parents facing custodial sentences to concerns over neglect and abuse.

Just as there are many reasons for children entering into foster care, there are many ways in which people can foster. From respite carers to short term placement providers, long term fostering to supported lodgings: there are many varied ways to foster. This means there will always be a way that fits around you and your families own needs and requirements.

Fostering is about providing a safe and stable family life for someone else’s child/ children in your own home.

Fostering can be for long periods or short term- such as providing respite care for children and their families.

Fostering can be a challenging but immensely rewarding experience for both carers and cared for children and young people.

Foster Carers with Cardiff Council receive payment and ongoing training. Find out more here.

Fostering with Cardiff

A corporate parent with Cardiff’s children’s best interests at heart

Cardiff Council is a corporate parent. This means we have a legal responsibility to ensure that Cardiff’s most vulnerable children and young people are placed within households that will support them to flourish and thrive. This may be a legal responsibility but it is one that we undertake with passion and pride.

Working For Cardiff- Not For Profit

Cardiff Council is a not for profit organisation. This means that every single penny that comes into our foster services budget is spent on bettering the lives of children and young people here in the Capital. We do this by ensuring we recruit the best foster carers, provide them with solid training and development opportunities and give them the financial and holistic support needed to provide a safe and stable family life for the Capital’s young people. As long as there have been children that need foster homes, we have been here. This is the way it always has been and the way it always will be.

The Matching Process

Cardiff Council Fostering services pride themselves on their ‘Matching Conversations’. We work with you and the child/children to ensure the logistics and family dynamics benefit everyone involved. We take the time to match the right child to the right family. Family dynamics are precious and we’ll work with you to ensure any child in your care compliments yours.

Our Approach

Like any parent, we want our children to blossom. Cardiff Council is committed to providing a range of services to support Cardiff’s young people in care. We offer a wide range of support services that encompass their time in care and beyond.

Just like all parents, we see our role as a lifelong commitment, something we are proud to demonstrate through our Bright Start scheme.  Bright Start offers traineeships to Cardiff’s care leavers. It works under the belief that all of Cardiff’s young people have huge potential. Through a range of employment and development opportunities, we work with them to offer meaningful employment and skills based opportunities- providing them with a sturdy platform from which our young people can jump and land safely, armed with the skills and experience needed to make a success of their lives. You can find out more about Bright Start and read about one of our amazing apprentices here.

Celebrating Success

Cardiff’s fostered children go on to have tremendously successful lives. From entering into meaningful employment, providing stable and supportive homes for their own children and going on into University education- the success stories of our young people are a true testament to the hard work, skills and unwavering support of the most valued members of our foster care team: our foster carers themselves.

A Team Effort

When you choose to foster with Cardiff Council, you become part of a team committed to helping transform the lives of children and young people here in the Capital. Our Foster Carers sit alongside our Foster and Social Care team, offering invaluable insight and input. In return, we provide fantastic training and development opportunities, including nationally recognised qualifications.

Become part of the Cardiff Cares Team!

If you’re ready to take the next step into fostering, why not get in touch with our friendly fostering team.

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