Rona and Val – Supportive Sisters

supportive_sistersRona and Val are sisters who are also Supported Lodgings Providers, offering a room and support to young people aged 16-18 who are leaving care or homeless.

Rona has been on the scheme for 14 years:

“There have definitely been ups and downs, she laughs.
I’ve had some loveable rogues but you’ve got to give them a chance because everyone makes mistakes and some of them haven’t had the best time before they come to us.

It’s so fulfilling to see the change in them as you help them – that’s what it makes it worthwhile. I’ve even been to a wedding for one of the young people that stayed with me.

Val agrees

“I met the young people in her home and I thought “I can help them”.
At first I covered emergencies and it was heart-breaking to see young people having nowhere to go but even then I’ve seen them move on to better things.
Now I have longer term placements and even though I work full time it works well.

There’s so many positives having young people in your home, it’s a lovely feeling when they are on the up and you feel so sad for them when things go wrong.

Everybody needs someone to support them and these young people haven’t always got that so if feels really good to be able to help. ”

Do you have a spare room?

Supported Lodgings Providers receive full training and payment.

If you have a spare room and a caring personality why not contact us to find out if you could become a Supported Lodgings Provider?

Call: 029 2087 3797 or Email:

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