Rewards and Benefits

As  a foster carer with us you will be making the difference to the lives of children and young people in Cardiff.

Other benefits of fostering with us include:

  • A weekly competitive income (that is not taxed) to help cover the essential costs of looking after a child or young person.
  • Retainers can be paid in certain circumstances.
  • Incentives such as access to discounts from our official partners.
  • Fantastic support and training, including mentoring.

As a foster carer you will be paid at a rate recommended by the Government. This amount will cover the daily costs of looking after a child.

The amount you are paid depends on your experience and the age of the child or children you are caring for and is related to your skills, knowledge and competencies. The amount ranges from £170 – £396.96 per week per child.

In Cardiff we pay an additional fee of up to £175.83 per week per child in addition to the maintenance for the child. This is paid to carers with fostering experience and who have completed a considerable amount of training. We are always happy to talk about your relevant experience and apply your experience and skills to our reward system.

Cardiff Fostering Allowances 2017/2018

Age         Birthday      Religious Festival      Holiday    Weekly allowance

0-4         £170.00             £170.00                £340 .00            £170.00

5-10       £155.00             £155.00                £310.00             £155.00

11-15     £181.81             £181.81                £363.62             £181.81

16+        £221.13             £221.13                £442.26             £221.13

If you do not have a child in your care, we will pay Band 2 and Band 3 carers a retainer for up to 6 weeks.

BandWeekly retainer payment

Please note: although retainers aren’t usually paid to Band 1 carers there are some circumstances when they will also receive these payments.

On top of weekly payments you will receive allowances for:

  • holidays,
  • birthdays and
  • religious festivals.

Again the amount depends on the age of the child.

We will also provide you with an initial clothing allowance for a child and we will support you with additional payments when you incur significant expenditure as a result of fostering, for example, for some travel expenses.

Age of Child (years)BirthdayReligious festivalHoliday
0 – 4£166£166£332
5 – 10£151£151£302
11 – 15£181.81£181.81£363.62

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