Could I Foster?

The most important factor in becoming a foster carer is your commitment to providing a stable environment for a child or young person.

You can be:

  • male or female,
  • straight or LGBT+
  • married or single,
  • a parent or have no children of your own.

To become a Cardiff foster carer you must be over 21 and have:

  • a desire to give a child or young person a home
  • the ability to relate to children and understand their needs
  • the ability to work as part of team with families and professionals
  • a reasonable level of health and fitness
  • time, energy and a sense of humour
  • patience, stability and understanding
  • 1 or more spare bedrooms
  • live in Cardiff (or within approximately 20 miles of the border)
  • the ability to take the child / young person to school and other activities, including contact with their parents where necessary.

If you choose to foster with us you will be provided with a high level of ongoing support and be entitled to a number of rewards and benefits dependent on your experience.

Can I foster if ?

I am single or a single parent

You can foster whether you are married or not and it doesn’t matter if you are a parent or not – the skills and qualities you can offer are the most important elements in fostering.

I smoke

You can foster if you smoke, but you cannot care for children under 5.

I am retired

There are no official upper age limits. As long as you are reasonably fit and active you can foster.

I have my own children

Your own children would be included in the approval process too, as they are an important part of your family.

I own or rent a flat or small house

As long as you have room and can offer a safe, secure home environment you can foster a child.

I am disabled and/or have a health problem

Everyone who applies to foster will need to undergo a medical assessment as part of the process to make sure you are able to care for a child. If you are disabled or have a medical condition, our medical adviser will consider the factors and make recommendations on your suitability.

I have a criminal conviction

Criminal convictions do not necessarily exclude you from fostering. Much depends on the seriousness of the offence, how long ago the crime was committed and how you have lived your life since. People with convictions for violent or sexual offences against children cannot foster.

I work full time

Many parents work full time, managing a career and childcare. You may want to consider fostering part-time, as long as you can make a regular commitment.

I do not live in Cardiff

If you live very close to the Cardiff Local Authority boundary e.g. within approximately 20 miles you can foster with us.

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