Assessment process

You’re on your way to becoming a Foster Carer!

Ensuring that Cardiff’s children are placed in the right nurturing and supportive environments is our absolute priority. This isn’t something that can be rushed. Our assessment and matching process is properly structured in line with official guidance to ensure that both the child and the foster carer are fully prepared, informed and assessed to make sure that we continue to do what we do best- provide placements that lead to lasting, meaningful and transformative relationships between young people and their foster carer.

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We’re passionate about matching the right family to the right child. We all have our own unique skills, insights and ways of working and it’s vital that we work to ensure that any child placed in your care is best matched to benefit from these. This means working with you and your immediate family, getting to know you all and seeking the input and insight from everyone who will be involved in the child’s life at each and every stage of the placement process and beyond. Fostering is truly a family effort and we welcome you all into the Cardiff team.

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We’ll also need to conduct formal checks including requesting DBS checks and obtaining references amongst others. All decisions are referred to and signed off by our fostering panel.

The best people to tell you about our assessment process is our foster care team themselves. Why not get in touch for an informal chat about the assessment process and let us answer any questions you have.

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