Adolescent Resource Centre (ARC)

Respite Support Scheme

The Adolescent Resource Centre (ARC) is a new service that provides intensive support for young people aged 11- 17 years of age, who are at risk of becoming Looked After due to the challenges that they present in the family home and community.

The purpose of the ARC is to provide intensive support to families. As part of the support package available to families the ARC team will support young people and their families at times when other services might not be available. The service will include outreach work and provide opportunities for family support both centre-based and in their own homes – including weekends and evenings, so that it is responsive to the changing need of the families receiving the service.
Providing planned overnight respite is also a key feature of the ARC intervention, and will form a vital part of the ARC provision, being an integral part of the intervention plan to enable young person to remain within the family home longer term.

The ARC team consists of a small team of 7 who are passionate about working for positive outcomes for young people and have a wide range of skills and experiences of working with this age group, and the Respite Support Carers will work closely with the team to meet the needs of the young person and their family.

The Respite Support Scheme will offer a flexible and responsive service to assist families in crisis. This will involve offering planned overnight stays once or twice a week as part of the support package offered by the ARC.

How does it work?

During the period of a FISS intervention the young person will not become Looked After and the parents will maintain full responsibility. This will enable the Support Carers to offer a unique experience that is fully supported by both the young person and their parents/carers.

The ARC Respite Support Scheme will use approved Foster Carers and they will be assessed, approved and supervised by the Fostering Service. They will be available exclusively to the ARC Respite Support Scheme and will not have other children placed with them.

The young person and respite carer will be matched, and the same respite carer will commit to providing respite for the duration of the young persons planned intervention.

  • Carers will be contracted for up to 3 nights in any given week and will be expected to complete training, attend team meetings, multi-agency meetings (if appropriate) and provide 1:1 support sessions with the young person in the carers’ home.
  • ARC Respite Carers help by offering a supportive environment to enable a young person to develop skills and tools to help them remain in the family home.
  • Respite carers will be required to deliver interventions to young people whilst in their home.

Could you provide ARC Respite Care?

  • Anyone over 21 years old with a spare room can apply.
  • Being in full time work is not necessarily a barrier to taking part in the scheme.
  • Marital status, sexuality and cultural background will not affect your application

Rewards and benefits:

  • Support and training
  • Retainers paid for exclusivity
  • Allowance for overnight stays
  • Assistance and guidance from the team, and out of hours on call provision throughout the duration of the young person’s stay with you

Respite Criteria for young people:

  • Young Person is committed to engage in intervention plan
  • Parent/Carer(s) are committed to engage in intervention plan
  • Family commit to engage in intervention during the respite provision, if appropriate

For further information about the Adolescent Resource Centre and how you could help make a difference to a young person and their family please telephone 02920 536316.


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